Sun struggles over rooftop horizon

but Sun-scoop captures

high-level sunshine into living space

... making SPACE and LIGHT

or rather, an impression of light airy spaciousness -

even when actual space is limited.

I put the Space and Light first because that's what makes a delight of the living and working in the interior. But it's  created and shaped simultaneous with the exterior, which is a response to site and surroundings - and the vision of you the client.

Whether I'm finding maximum relaxed utility in a tiny or constrained site (as in the pics below)

or simply because floorspace is verrry expensive to build or refurbish (£1-2k per m2),

spacious-feeling compactness is the most fundamental economy.

For example, one of many tools for compact spaciousness and light airiness is going off-angle i.e. not sticking to boxy rectilinear.

Of course, cuboid is appropriate sometimes, but I often find that making things like curved or subtly angled walls, and ceilings sloping from low to lofty achieve so much live-ability for the money.


That shapeliness is half the charm of old buildings;

it was a common option for architects in drawing-board days;

but I believe has been all-but forgotten in the CAD (computer drawing) era.

I straddle all those traditions, so we may well create something surprisingly effective.

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