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Here is an example, part of my Architectural service, as it applied in one particular case.


It shows the drawings for the finalised Schematic/Planning Consent stage of the work.

(Technical/Building Regs/Construction Documentation, if required, would be a further stage beyond).

Click any drawing to enlarge



The simulated preview CGI pics above and left are by Archilime Visualisations, who feature in My List of valued collaborators.

They show photorealistically how it will look, once built.

The 'as proposed' 3D computer model is superimposed seamlessly onto

'as existing' photos taken by drone.

These Planning Application drawings demonstrate how the proposed added elements are designed as light airy 'clip-ons' of minimised size and restricted visibility, so as to interfere as little as possible with the existing sturdy architecture.

Nevertheless refused Planning Consent in the conservative-minded Dartmoor National Park, Devon, we are launching a Planning Appeal, masterminded by Nigel Cant Planning, who feature in My List of valued collaborators.

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Planning Appeal
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