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Ready for our next project -

help grow my back-list of future collaborators

​One aim of this website and blogs is to promote more networking amongst valued contacts and collaborators on the maturing EcoBuilding scene.

​So Builders, Tradesmen, volunteer enthusiasts, Project Managers, QSs, Estimators -

liking what you see and read here, I'd like you on My List - please get in touch.

Or suggest someone.


Bright Sparks already vital to my Ecosystem


Andy Dodden

Eco Builder

C4 Building the Dream


Myself in Munich

South Devon

Paul Squibbs

Structural Engineer

Mike Keefe

Precision Builder


BricsCAD incl BIM

Erik De Keyser, CEO

​Hans De Backer, Head of Product Development

Pieter Clarysse, Senior Developer

BricsCAD in Wikipedia

Archilime Visualisations


Jack Dicker

Dan Stone

"We are a group of digital communication professionals that specialise in environmentally and socially motivated organisations"

Sean Buchan

Hanna Henshall

Nigel Cant

Planning Consultant


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Nils White

Heritage Conservation Consultant

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