Before - dark trees block southern sun in Cardiff, South Wales

After - link tower captures high-level sunshine into reorganised core


I’m at a first on-site meeting with you, my new client, or maybe a telephone advisory session.

We talk at length, because from long experience I know that listening, empathy and mutual understanding of the client's vision, desires and lifestyle is what generates great architectural design that's collaborative, loved and enduring (nice Listening Architects article here).

And I look carefully at any existing buildings and at the site – its slopes, boundaries, neighbours, trees, sun, view.

His perfect present - a writing retreat - the Temple of Diana - in Bath

And then we wait –

for that mysterious 5 second burn called Collaborative Creativity, when the outline of a perfect all-including architectural design appears, which fulfils all of the above, plus usually a whole lot more in unimagined benefits. No need to generate multiple-choice alternatives, when everyone can see that the original nails it.

Tight budgets, tricky sites, neighbours, Planners and other 'difficulties' are all food to this miracle.

The more layers of Reality that are brought into play, the richer our collaborative share in the Synthesis (another word for Creativity) when suddenly it's all possible.

And so, from that inspiring start, I join in your adventure.

In the progress of an architectural design there are many such collaborative creative moments, large and small.

And there's also a whole raft of simply practical changes, refinements and choices that we come up with along the way.

As footnote, I'd say it's fine if you, as client feel you want to leave the Creativity, the architectural design, to me.

Yes, it's my job, but still at the end of the day we realise what a collaborative achievement it's really been!



Space clearing and extension creates a classy kitchen/diner ...

A bright oasis in the inner city - Birmingham

... replacing dim sculleries and brick ****house


Once upon a time, the work of Architecture seemed simple -

  "My mission is to create

That's still it, but nowadays enriched with two added essentials:

​One aim of this website and blogs is to promote more networking amongst valued contacts and collaborators on the maturing EcoBuilding scene.

So Builders, Tradesmen, volunteer enthusiasts, Project Managers, QSs, Estimators -

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Or suggest someone.

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