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Practical Procurement

At least one key person in the crew has to have a special mentality and to find that person, that crew, is the challenge.

And it’s an endless search!

Builders/tradesmen have limited radius of operation, before they have to add high daily travel (or remote accommodation) costs, built into their quotations

(although many specialist functions e.g. concrete pumping, architect, are used to travelling further).

Therefore almost every project requires a fresh search for the right site crew, the right key person.

This is true, whether the site crew is hired

on an open-ended, hours-spent, cost-plus basis;

as an assemblage of fixed-price quotations by different builders and/or tradesmen; or

after a negotiated or competitive all-in fixed-price tender process.

And it’s true whether it’s for

tradesmen to assist a self-builder;

a Project Manager to find and manage tradesmen;

a small local builder as main contractor; or

a larger, perhaps regional main contractor.

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