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Power to your £Pound

Everyone wants their building project to cost as little as possible.

There’s two approaches to low cost, that I want to talk about.

Let’s call them

  • ‘Economical’ and

  • ‘Cheap’, as in ‘done as cheaply as possible’ or even ‘on the cheap’.

Yes, everyone wants to pay as little as possible for their dream,

whether it’s a palace full of luxury bathrooms, sweeping oak staircases and labour intensive but picturesque dormer windows

or whether absolute lowest cost is the priority, ruthlessly applied.

Hoping to build it (or extend, renovate, uprate) as ‘Cheaply’, rather than as ‘Economically’ as possible is not just playing with words. I want to illustrate to potential building clients a world of difference in approach to building cost and value-for-money.

‘Cheap’ is the one where people say, with an air of weary wisdom about the inevitable

“In the end it cost us twice what we budgeted” because of ‘unforeseen problems’ and ’extras’.

‘Economical’ is the one where (nearly) all ‘unexpecteds’ are foreseen and even turned to advantage and ‘extras’ (things added on to make the emerging project tolerable) are unnecessary because agreed and integrated in from the start.

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